Tutoring Center

Thank you for your trust all these years!
We give you back offering new services, new facilities and the most affordable tuition!

– Small number of students per class                      

– Two hours of study, every Saturday, in our school, where our teachers work on problems and questions of the students on the weekly material.

– More time per teaching period, lower tuition. This is the way we respond to the economic crisis… no discount in our quality!

– We provide specialized material for each course and books published by Organization, with the student’s registration.

– Our students can prepare for all special subjects of the Panhellenic Examinations (drawing, foreign languages, sports etc.) with our expert associate teachers!

You can choose between different programs:

Special advisors are close to our students and guide them success! Psychologists regarding issues of stress, professional career counselors regarding vocational guidance and correct completion of the computerized Panhellenic Exams application forms etc.

After a free professional inclinations and skills test, we suggest the necessary package of courses, in the most affordable prices, for every new student. Our study program is adapted to the new examination system.

We begin preparation for the 3rd Lyceum grade and the Panhellenic Examinations from the middle of the 2nd year of the Lyceum.

Our experienced and qualified teachers of every study field will lead you to success.

Experienced teachers and special courses for students preparation focusing in the final exams for the entry to the universities, based on the new examination system.

Weekly simulation exams, to help students and make them familiar to the new system of the Panhellenic Examinations.

Continuous informing of the parents about the performance of the children and flexibly scheduled appointments with the teachers!

Seminars to fight student stress by expert counselors.

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